The Encounter 



There I stood in the line, waiting for the  hair salon  to be opened. I could not believe the way that the Marietta salon had grown in the past three years. It used to have barely a customer a day but now it had grown to having lengthy lines of customers in a day. The weather was perfect and the day seemed to be going on well. “Excuse me lady, have we met before?” Turning around, I could not believe what I saw. All that I could do was stare at the man who had spoken those words.  He wore a suit that was a perfect fit. The type which flaunted all the good features that he had. As if that was not enough, he had a deep, husky voice (the one that makes a lady go ‘ooh-la-la!’)

All that I could do was smile at the guy. ‘God really does answer prayers’ was the thought that ran up and down in my brain. I had just talked to God telling Him to bring a good looking man along my way during the day and He had done it in the early morning! “No I do not believe we have” was my reply after the super rush of thoughts that had run through me. “I’m Mary.”

 “I’m Peter. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee with me sometime?”

“Yes,” I gladly replied. He then slipped me his card.

As he walked away, all I could do was smile at myself. The salon in Marietta had done it again! It was at that salon that I had met so many of my clients and had ended up expanding my business. I would suggest to the ladies the types of clothes that would not only complement their bodies but also complement their hair, and ladies love that! My turn finally arrived and I relaxed on the chair letting the hands of the attendant run through my hair. The attendant was so good at massaging my scalp that I could not help but picture the handsome gentleman that had given me a reason to smile the whole day. “Mary, I am done,” said the attendant. I could not believe that the attendant was already through with my hair but oh well, I now could have the whole time to myself. I had to prepare myself to meet for coffee.

The day finally arrived. I called him and he had proposed that we would meet today at the Penoir hotel at 4 pm. Time was really moving fast, and there I was stuck in traffic! I had an hour left before our meeting and I did not want to create a poor impression of myself on the first day. “Excuse me driver, can you try and get me out of this traffic?” I asked.

 “Sure, if you pay forty-five bucks extra”

“Here, have this. I have thirty but if you can get me to Hotel Penoir by 4 pm, you will have the rest.” The driver looked at me and smiled. “You will be there lady in a jiffy.”